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Input For You enables leading corporations to transition successfully from paper handling activities to a digitized paperless environment.

We help leading corporations reduce paper handling cost and increase efficiency in handling their inbound documents stream.

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Digital archiving

Paper archives require lots of storage space, expensive human interactions and they have long document retrieval times.

Additionally, they are extremely susceptible to moisture and temperature fluctuations, which can cause materials to expand and contract, contributing to their continuing deterioration.

By digitizing the paper archives, we can guarantee a ROI after 3 year for active and 8 years for passive archives.

Digitizing a paper archive offers advantages such as enhanced accessibility, improved searchability, increased security, space and cost savings, easy backup and disaster recovery, collaboration and sharing, and preservation and conservation of valuable documents.

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Mailroom Outsourcing​

How to save 30 to 80% on your incoming post handling cost​

Invoice automation​

Streamlining and automating the creation, approval, processing, and payment of invoices​

Insurance claims & underwriting automation​

Streamline and improve the efficiency of insurance claims ​

Medical document processing​

Extract useful information from medical documents ​

Fines handling & bailiff​

Streamline and automate many of the tasks associated with fines management​

Contract processing​

Get your processing cost reduced by at least 60%​

HR document administration​

Find and retrieve HR information quickly​