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Input For You enables leading corporations to transition successfully from paper handling activities to a digitized paperless environment.

We help leading corporations reduce paper handling cost and increase efficiency in handling their inbound documents stream.

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Invoice Automation

Invoice automation is the process of streamlining and automating the creation, approval, processing and payment of invoices using digital tools.

This technology can help businesses save time, reduce costs, improve accuracy and enhance productivity by eliminating manual processes and reducing the potential for human error.

Invoice line data can be captured automatically & the invoice can be validated with orders and delivery notes (three-way matching).

The benefits of invoice automation include improved accuracy and efficiency, reduced processing time, increased visibility and control, and improved cash flow management.

With the use of invoice automation, businesses can also reduce the likelihood of errors and disputes, resulting in faster payments and better relationships with vendors and customers.

Overall, invoice automation is an important tool for businesses looking to streamline their financial processes and improve their bottom line.

By adopting this technology, businesses can reduce their administrative burden, improve their financial reporting, and free up resources for more strategic activities.

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