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Document processing services

Reduce costs
through a successful digital transformation

Document processing services

Increase efficiency
through successful automation of inbound document processing

Document processing services

Reduce costs & increase efficiency

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About Input For You

Input For You is the #1 company capable to integrate the (un)structured content of your daily paper or e-documents into critical business applications with the highest quality and the shortest lead time at an affordable cost. Artificial Intelligence helps progressively to reduce manual touchpoints and speeding even further the business process.

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Renson’s digital ventilation The specialist of ventilation systems, Renson, is doing very well. The West-Flanders company, active in 83 countries...

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The digital revolution of Certimed With some 600,000 to 700,000 certificates per year, Certimed is the Belgian market leader in...

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Mailroom Outsourcing​

How to save 30 to 80% on your incoming post handling cost​

Invoice automation​

Streamlining and automating the creation, approval, processing, and payment of invoices​


Save on storage space & expensive human interactions ​

Insurance claims & underwriting automation​

Streamline and improve the efficiency of insurance claims ​

Medical document processing​

Extract useful information from medical documents ​

Fines handling & bailiff​

Streamline and automate many of the tasks associated with fines management​

Contract processing​

Get your processing cost reduced by at least 60%​

HR document administration​

Find and retrieve HR information quickly​